The Gold Coast’s first Baby Mineral Hydrotherapy, Massage and Wellness Centre for Parents and Babies, Children and Special Needs.

The Gold Coast's Baby first Mineral Hydrotherapy, Massage, and Wellness Centre catering to parents and babies, children, and individuals with special needs.

Everyone Deserves the Best


Upon entering the welcoming environment of My Baby Bubble Spa, both you and your child will experience immediate comfort thanks to our personalized and amiable customer assistance. Our primary objective at My Baby Bubble Spa aims to foster healthier communities by providing services that enhance the mental and physical well-being of our clientele and their families.

My Baby Bubble Spa offers a wide array of services and classes suitable for all age groups, including newborn hydrotherapy pods, hydrotherapy for all age ranges, baby and toddler massage sessions, a 10-week healthy baby program, 5-week craft program, and 5-week fun game program. These programs present exceptional opportunities for parents to connect with other parents and their infants in a tranquil and supportive environment.

With a dedicated team comprising Registered Midwives, Paediatric Nurses, and Health Professionals, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering comprehensive care from infancy and beyond.

Manuela Curtis with her baby in the baby spa

Sessions Available for all Ages From Birth to Teens to Parents

Babies, Children and Parents of all ages, can now enjoy all the health benefits our heated mineral enriched spa's have to offer.

There are the many health benefits associated with mineral hydrotherapy and massage no matter the age.  The warmth of the water along with the 80+ minerals will assist in relaxing their muscles and joints, reducing any discomfort. The small little movements and kicks against the natural water resistance will help to strengthen and straighten. Whilst the many minerals they need to grow strong and healthy including Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium are being absorbed through their skin. 

For New born babies and babies, Mineral Hydrotherapy is a very calming experience. It has been said to mimic their time in utero, making it the perfect place to be from an early age.

Children of all ages, especially those on the move with sports or maybe recovering from an injury or illness can greatly benefit from the mineral enriched hydrotherapy. The heat helps to sooth, relax and heal, whilst the minerals get down to a cellular level to improve cellular function and heal. 

Parents are also loving their time in the spa too. Parents love having quality time with their babies and children in a magical environment whilst soaking up all the minerals and truly relaxing. 


Jack & Kristy kids Occupational Therapy


Our mineral heated hydrotherapy sessions have many benefits for your baby/ child, including strengthening bones and muscles, to cardiovascular development. A spa session may also assist your little one with sleep, increased appetite and other elements that may be troubling them.

We will develop a specialised plan for your little one to reach for their all important NDIS goals and help them thrive with lots of fun along the way.


Spoil your little one with one of our many session now on offer. Watch them as they develop a natural kick in one of our beautiful mineral enriched heated hydrotherapy spa, followed up with a massage using a combination of Swedish and Indian techniques along with reflexology and yoga. Why not join them with a Bub & Me Session or a Family Session. Why not get a group together and enjoy a friendship session.

The 10 Week First Aid Program or the 10 Week Healthy Baby Program are designed to help promote overall well-being for babies and their parent, from physical health to mental and emotional development. Your baby will love the healthy baby program with special bonding time as you learn fun activities to assist them in reaching their all important miles stones. The First Aid program will give you the tools to know what to do in an emergency.

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