Being weightless in water

By Shaplands Swim Schools

Being weightless in water is something babies are very familiar with as they spend the first 40 weeks of their lives free from gravity. As soon as a baby is born the feeling of being weightless slowly abates and by the time a baby is 12-14 months old, they find being in a liquid environment daunting. It makes sense when you think about it in terms of gravity. Over their first 12–14-month period your baby has learnt to master the forces of gravity. At first by the simple action of lifting their head up from the mattress, then rolling over, then starting to sit up, crawling, standing and finally walking. 


Untitled design 6 2My Baby Bubble Spa is the ideal pre cursor and adjunct to baby swimming lessons because by introducing your baby back into a warm liquid environment you are keeping alive the feeling they have of being weightless and when it is time for formal swimming lessons, the ideal age being around 6 months old, most of the groundwork has been done. 


Shapland’s have a home development program for your baby. This program is a tried and proven method of helping your baby acquire the breath control skills that will complement their ability to relax in a familiar, warm, liquid environment and the lack of breath control is the only Aquatic skill your baby does not have from birth.


When you baby is 5 months old then please contact your closest swim school which will probably be our Gold Coast swim school located at Gaven/Pacific Pines and book your baby into a permanent spot in our program. We only take 3 babies per class in a heated, magnesium mineral pool specially designed to help babies become confident in the water in record time. 


Chris Shapland.


Shapland Swim Schools teach semi-private swimming lessons to children of all ages, including babies starting from 3-6* months old. We teach our unique Swim in Five program in small classes with a maximum of three children. Swimming lessons are conducted in specialised teaching pools, which have been developed over the past 70 years. This successful formula, combined with experienced, industry qualified swimming instructors, and a friendly, caring environment ensures your child will learn to swim with ease and confidence.