3 Main Floatation Devices

My Baby Bubble Spa uses 3 main styles of floatation devices depending on the child’s capabilities, age, and parents request.

Neck Floatation Device


Research & Bouyancy

Research tells us that when an adult enters the water they are only 10% of their body weight. When a baby enters the water they are significantly less due to the higher percentages of body fat a baby maintains in comparison to an adult. A 3 month old baby that weighs an average of 6 kilogram can weigh as little as 300 grams in the water in comparison to lifting their head which would weigh approximately 1.5 kilogram.


Fun Fact – A Newborns baby’s head accounts for about a quarter of it entire weight. A baby lifting their head will put more strain on the neck then a baby in a head float. 


Mineral Enriched –  My Baby Bubble Spa have work and continue to work with scientist for the past 4 years to provide the ultimate in mineral enriched hydrotherapy/floatation therapy.  Our spas are enriched  with Magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and 80 trace minerals.

When minerals are added to the water the viscosity of the water changes, increasing buoyancy and decreasing body weight to a near zero gravity environment. 

Using a neck float in this environment allows a baby to move freely in a zero gravity environment. 

Fun Fact – Did you know a calm resting baby can be floated in our spas by placing two fingers at the back of their head.

Neck floatation devices are also known as a head float.

Head Floats were originally designed by physiotherapist and have been around for many decades. Physiotherapist and other health professionals would use the head float when carrying out water therapy for clients suffering disability, injury or other health issues. The floats are always of a solid construction and came in many different shapes.

My Baby Bubble Spa only uses head floats that are of solid construction and are made from an environmentally friendly, high quality Pearl closed cell foam on the inside with a soft permeable water resistant outer cover, that is BPA free. 

When a neck float is in use with a baby, the float does not come in contact with the neck but supports the child under the chin and at the Occipital (lower back of the babies head). There is no restriction of movement to any part of the babies body including the neck as only the head and section of the neck are above the water. Due to the body mass being under the water there is no opportunity for the float to be flipped upside down. 

Staff Training & Certification

All the staff at My Baby Bubble Spa go through extensive training in the proper use of neck/head floatation prior to being allowed to place one on a child. Initially staff will be given formal training over the span of a week. Staff are then required to observe the practice of using a neck float for a couple of months whilst continually practicing on themselves and other staff members. Once they build up their confidence, they start with taking the floats off clients 6 months of age and over and build from their. After 6 months of supervision staff attend a revision training and assessment.

Continue revision training and assessment every 6 months.


Breakdown of Staff Training


Initial training is carried out over a one week period.

Two months of observation and practice.

Six months of supervision.

Revision Training and assessment.

Licensed to use a neck float with no supervision

Revision training every 6 months.



My Baby Bubble Spa has been certified by Queensland Government in the safe use of our Neck/head Floats. 



Neck/head floats are safe when used by trained staff but unsafe when used by anyone who does not have the appropriate training.  

Neck/head floats are a banned item in Australia and we agree with this decision.

Blow up neck/head floatation devices are extremely dangerous and have been known to cause injury and on the rare occasion death. On these incidents the floatation devices have been blow up plastic floats and used by untrained parents and care givers. Majority of the incidents have been documented as unsupervised or minimal supervision whist in use, as well as inappropriate use of the floatation device and deflation of the float whilst in use.

Neck/head floats are in no way safe in a bath and can cause injury.  

Underarm Floatation Device

Our underarm floats are a great float for little ones to gain confidence in the water. The underarm floats allows all the freedom of movement with minimal restriction perfect for those little ones who love to kick and splash. 

The underarm float is concave at the arms to allowing the body to be lower in the water minimising the potential of flipping the float upside down. These floats are designed for comfort with a little cushion at the front to rest their heads. 

These floats are great for little ones 5 months up to 4 years of age. 

These floats are of solid construction and is made from an environmentally friendly, high quality Pearl closed cell foam on the inside with a soft permeable water resistant material, BPA free cover. 

These Floats are available for purchase


Chest Float


Chest Floats are fantastic for those little ones that get so tired. The chest float is designed for comfort with a padded sling for little ones to lay in.

The chest float has wide sides for maximum buoyancy and the font of the float is heightened to avoid tipping over which doubles as a cushion for baby to rest their head on. The detachable tail is great when little ones are learning to engaging their tummy muscles and is attached to prevent accidental tipping which doubles as a foot rest.

This float is great for little ones ages 2 months up to 2 years of age.

These floats are available for purchase.