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The Center

A child once mentioned to us that while many bubbles have different meanings, the ‘bubble of protection’ highly aided him the most in feeling safe and secure. It is this feeling that My Baby Bubble Spa wants to nurture in mothers and babies, helping them through their parenting journey while supporting their developmental start in life. We want to create an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of babies and their families as well as that of the wider community.

Our goal is to provide holistic and individualized care to babies and families in a respectful and compassionate manner, and none of this would be possible without the following members of My Baby Bubble’s team:

About My Baby Bubble Spa Franchise

The Team


Alisa (Registered Midwife)

Alisa is a registered midwife. During her many years of working with women and babies, Alisa has adopted a relationship-oriented continuity of care model, which informs her practice today. She is passionate about holistic and individualised care and has a keen interest in maternal and children’s health. She also has qualifications in paediatric massage and water immersion, which complement her experience working as a midwife at a leading Tertiary Hospital.

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Julia (Nurse)

Julie has always been passionate about working with babies and children and has experience as a Registered Paediatric Nurse in Accident and Emergency to back it up. Julie enjoys providing good quality and timely care to children and families and she relies on her interest in Complimentary Medicine to find natural tools to improve child and adult health. Her view towards adopting a holistic and individualized view of health is complemented by her experience and qualifications in Workplace Health and Safety.


Mia (Registered Midwife)

With tertiary level experience and training in both Nursing and Midwifery, Mia has a strong background in infant bonding, care and safety. Her passion for working with new families is what brought her to us at Baby Bubble Spa. She draws her knowledge and confidence, not only from her midwifery experience, but also from being one of six siblings! Mia has recently completed training in infant massage and water immersion and hopes to help create an environment that encourages strong bonds and relationships between families and the community.

My Baby Bubble Spa Services​

My Baby Bubbles Spa only offer services that have been proven to be safe and beneficial for your babies wellness. We boast a team of highly trained professionals from registered midwives to baby wellness providers.

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Baby Wellness

Our wellness room creates space for families to come together to participate in classes, educational programs and access to our support team.

Valecia Jenkins

Baby Spa

Our Baby Spa has many benefits for your baby, including strengthening bones and muscles to cardiovascular development.

Baby Massage Contentment

Baby Massage

Baby massage has been proven to be benefit babies in alot of ways, including improving their sleep due to an increase of serotonin levels.