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Here at My Baby Bubble, our core values are love, support and nurture for families and their little ones.

Our Wellness Room creates a space where mums, dads and families can come together to connect with others and our support team to have that “me” time we all need.

In our wellness room we will be creating space for:

  • Mums and Bubs Yoga classes,
  • Children’s Yoga,
  • Tiny Tots dancing,
  • Counselling and Support,
  • Advocacy and education programs,
  • Pre and postnatal massage for Mums,
  • 10 week step by step massage classes
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5 week CLASS

My Baby Bubble’s Baby Massage is offered as a 5-week infant massage course. The combination of massage styles includes Swedish and Indian massage, along with Reflexology and Yoga. These styles have been proven to promote relaxation, good circulation and health, and reduce congestion and tension. Throughout the duration of the program, parents will learn about the techniques and benefits based on the baby massage methodology. Each class will focus on a specific area of the body and build on this.

My Baby Bubble Massage and Spa is a beautiful relaxing experience for babies and their parents. Enjoy watching your beautiful baby as they discover the sense of floating in our mineral hydrotherapy spas.

*Spa session for 30 minutes included after every massage class plus an additional 6th spa to be used at anytime. Use code “BABYSPA” to redeem 6th session*


The 5-week infant massage course
curriculum includes discussion in the following areas:

  • Massage routines to cover the entire body
  • Baby yoga routine
  • The benefits of infant massage
  • Benefits of massage on certain childhood conditions
  • How to create an inviting environment and the appropriate oils to use
  • Safe Positioning
  • Recognising cues for massage time, how your baby says yes and no
  • Normal babies cry
  • Specific routine for colic, wind and constipation
  • Routines that cater to families with specific needs
  • Exercises for flexibility and to assist lymphatic drainage
  • Techniques to use for toddlers and older children
  • Attachment and Bonding
  • Care across generations and throughout the entire family
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A New Monthly Timetable will be release every month with free classes to attend to discuss the all important topics from self care, ask a naturopath, breast feeding support, sleep, hormones, libido, pelvic floor exercise routines, make your own chemical free baby products using essential oils plus many more!

With 100% of our team nurses and midwives you can ensure you and your baby are in perfect care.

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