Nearly at the end

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Sick of waiting   Just want this baby out.   Your feet and ankles are so swollen that your toes feel like they’re squishing in mud.   You can’t take a deep breath because your lungs are so squashed,   You don’t dare laugh, cough or sneeze because you know you’re going to pee yourself. […]

The 4 Month Sleep Regression

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I remember this phase like it was yesterday as it was one of the most challenging moments I faced after becoming a new parent.   The 4-month sleep regression is not a phase, it is PERMANENT. I do not like to call it a “regression” as it is more of a “progression”! For the first […]

Being weightless in water

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Being weightless in water is something babies are very familiar with as they spend the first 40 weeks of their lives free from gravity. As soon as a baby is born the feeling of being weightless slowly abates and by the time a baby is 12-14 months old, they find being in a liquid environment […]

Making Rainbows Gold Coast

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At Making Rainbows Gold Coast parents participate with their children in the program, singing and playing instruments and other fun props. It’s a lovely way to bond with your child and excite their natural love of music in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.   Chantelle is passionate about delivering a stimulating, multi-sensory program for all […]

Baby’s First Foods

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I remember the first food time well.. especially when a first time mum. I don’t know why for the life of me that I was so anxious about it, I mean we all need to EAT!   Breastfeeding was easy for me, having a good supply and knowing that when bub needed a drink I […]