Here at My Baby Bubble, our core values are love, support and nurture for families and their little ones.

Our Wellness Room creates a space where mums, dads and families can come together to connect with others and our support team to have that “me” time we all need.

In our wellness room we will be creating space for:

  • Mums and Bubs Yoga classes,
  • Children’s Yoga,
  • Tiny Tots dancing,
  • Counselling and Support
  • Advocacy and education programs,
  • Pre and postnatal massage for Mums,
  • 10 week step by step massage classes
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5 week CLASS

My Baby Bubble’s Baby Massage is offered as a 5-week infant massage course. The combination of massage styles includes Swedish and Indian massage, along with Reflexology and Yoga. These styles have been proven to promote relaxation, good circulation and health, and reduce congestion and tension. Throughout the duration of the program, parents will learn about the techniques and benefits based on the baby massage methodology. Each class will focus on a specific area of the body and build on this.

My Baby Bubble Massage and Spa is a beautiful relaxing experience for babies and their parents. Enjoy watching your beautiful baby as they discover the sense of floating in our mineral hydrotherapy spas.

*Spa session for 30 minutes included after every massage class plus an additional 6th spa to be used at anytime. Use code “BABYSPA” to redeem 6th session*


The 5-week infant massage course
curriculum includes discussion in the following areas:

  • Massage routines to cover the entire body
  • Baby yoga routine
  • The benefits of infant massage
  • Benefits of massage on certain childhood conditions
  • How to create an inviting environment and the appropriate oils to use
  • Safe Positioning
  • Recognising cues for massage time, how your baby says yes and no
  • Normal babies cry
  • Specific routine for colic, wind and constipation
  • Routines that cater to families with specific needs
  • Exercises for flexibility and to assist lymphatic drainage
  • Techniques to use for toddlers and older children
  • Attachment and Bonding
  • Care across generations and throughout the entire family
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one day workshop

Flower essences hold an energetic imprint of the life force or the flower. They are subtle yet an incredibly powerful form of botanical medicine?
Spend some time with Naturopath Dimity & she will be working together with you and as a group where you can answer quietly to a few questions on your form. This will guide her to make your own unique flower essence blend for emotional balance?
Normally valued at $25 for this Baby Bubble Workshop, we offer them to you for $15 (cash payments on the day

Naturopath Flower

one with your tot in Xtend Barre Babies On Board! A class to give new mums a dynamic workout and give baby a big bounce of laughter.
Occasionally wearing your baby in a supportive carrier, you can enjoy working out together! A safe and fun way to get back into exercise post-pregnancy using pilates techniques and a hint of dance!
*Mums must receive clearance from their doctor prior to the session. Bub can start from 10 weeks.
*Weight limitations of 10 kilos max apply.
*BYO Baby Carrier, water and towel

Baby Barre

Join Jeni to discuss all things babies.

Learn how essential oils can be of benefit for baby’s wellbeing whilst supporting mum’s confidence and peace of mind.

Best of all, learn how to help both mum and bub get a better night’s sleep.

Children welcome to attend

lettle feet


Join Jeni to discuss all things

For clarity, calm and to be our best selves on a daily basis we need habits that help us achieve this.

As busy mums, there are simple things we can do on a daily basis.
Join Jeni Drew to explore some practices that can really help.

Children welcome to attend.

essential oils

Educators from Guppy’s Early Learning Centre in Oxenford will help to create facial and body scrubs, scented playdough and a pop-up spa for the mummy’s or daddy’s who attend.

Both Mum’s, Dad’s and their children can make the scrubs and playdough together, and enjoy a pampering moment from their children on the day.

All Products used are simple household oils, baking goods and colourings which are non-toxic materials.

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Welcome Luke from Gold Coast Super Clinic Physiotherapy.

Luke is holding Mums and Bubs Functional Fitness for pregnancy and postnatal classes on a Monthly basis with the warm-up starting in our Wellness Room, and a short walk over to the Physiotherapy Centre to use the equipment.

Gold Coast Super Clinic Physiotherapy


Pregnancy massage has many proven benefits including relaxation, relieving discomforts, improving circulation, supporting cardiac function, increasing cellular respiration, and supporting placental and mammary development.

The cost of this Session is $80 and a $20 deposit is required upon booking. The rest can be paid in cash on the day, or card payment over the phone through Peta-Jean on 0411804382.

pregnancy massage


Bring your little one with you to cuddle and feed on the table whilst you’re being pampered. Postnatal massage has many benefits after birthing your baby including facilitating your body’s return to its pre-pregnant state, alleviating pain, and maintaining flexibility.

The cost of this Session is $80 and a $20 deposit is required upon booking. The rest can be paid in cash on the day, or card payment over the phone through Peta-Jean on 0411804382.

Note: Baby can be in the pram or capsule in the room

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Enjoy a 60 minute pampering session with a relaxation massage.
Peta-Jean uses Remedial style massage techniques to relieve stress and pain.
This massage is aimed at all ages and genders.

The cost of this Session is $80 and a $20 deposit is required upon booking. The rest can be paid in cash on the day, or card payment over the phone through Peta-Jean on 0411804382.

Remedial Massage


Chantal from Baby Sleep Magic is offering free consultation sessions for children aged 0-5 years.

Chantal who is a qualified Sleep Consultant from Baby Sleep Magic, will be running free 15 minute one-on-one sessions on February the 6th out of our Wellness Room between 9:45am-1pm.

To book your session, enter your details and you will receive a confirmation email.

Bring your little one and any questions you have on the day. Other children welcome to attend and toys are provided.

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A New Monthly Timetable will be release every month with free classes to attend to discuss the all important topics from self care, ask a naturopath, breast feeding support, sleep, hormones, libido, pelvic floor exercise routines, make your own chemical free baby products using essential oils plus many more!

With 100% of our team nurses and midwives you can ensure you and your baby are in perfect care.

pregnancy massage