Neck Floatation Devices

Yes, the neck floats are safe when used correctly. All our staff have had formal training on the correct use of the neck floats as well as yearly refresher training. The centre is certified by Queensland Government in allowing the use of the neck float in our centre. The device sits under the chin and at the base of the skull, it does not require any connection with the baby’s neck. Babies are very buoyant in the water as they have a higher percentage of fat at this stage in their lives. The temperature of the water, the air in the water, the use of minerals and the viscosity all add to the buoyancy in the water, providing a zero gravity atmosphere for babies.


The neck floats are used for babies aged from birth up to approximately 9-12 months of age depending on many factors including baby’s length and ability. They are also used past 12 months with some Special Needs Children.

The neck float was originally developed by physiotherapists and are safe when used appropriately.

The current laws in Australia state that the neck floatation device is only allowed to be used by health professionals in a health setting. We do not advise anyone to use the neck float in a private setting. If anything did happen to the baby or child whilst in the neck float, the people in control will be held liable. 

We do sell many other floatation devices that we also use in the spas.

That is okay, just make sure you tell the health professional during your session. There are many different floatation devices available for each age group that are used in the spa session. You will be able to choose which float you will like to use or try.

Mineral Heated Hydrotherapy Spa

Individual Sessions – this session is a private session; your child will be the only one in the spa for that session.

Social Session – your session can be shared with one other children of similar age that you may not know. This is a great way to meet new parents with children of a similar age.

Friendship Session – this session allows for a group of parents who know each other to come in together and share the spa. There is no limit on this number and we will allocate extra time depending on numbers booked in.
Sibling Sessions – this is a beautiful session for young siblings to strengthen their bond within the family. The youngest member of the family must be a minimum of 2-months old and the oldest sibling can be up to 18 years of age.

We are able to accommodate babies from birth to 6 weeks in our little individual spas. 

In our larger spas we are able to accommodate babies 6 weeks of age up to the age of 18 years old.

Our larger spas are in separate rooms and one of our private rooms is set up to accommodate children with special needs. 


Babies under 6-8 weeks of age prior to immunization use our smaller single spas. The single spa is a small spa that is sanitised and filled just for your little one. The minerals are added to the spa at the start of your little one’s session. These spas also have a glass frontage for parents to watch their little one. 

It depends on the session you have booked in for. We have Bub & Me sessions which allow 1 parent to go in with the child up to a full family session that allows the parents to use one spa whilst the children play games with our staff in the other spa.  There are sessions only for the baby to friendship sessions for many babies and children.


Watching and interacting with your little one during the spa session is a beautiful experience for you and your child.  Even though we have a staff member allocated per spa, the experience is too cute not to stay. It is also a requirement that a parent/family member/caregiver is with the child during the visit to the Centre.


We allocate 30-minutes of a room for a spa session and 1-hour of a room for a spa and massage session. 

We also allocate 15 minutes after a spa session for cleaning of the room with Covid-19 grade disinfectant.


We will initially ask you to bring your child to the side of the spa. We will start by running water over their feet so they can get a feel for the water and its temperature. We will then place your little one into the chosen float and slowly put the child into the water. Initially a child will be very still for a few minutes and will slowly start kicking as they start to understand their surroundings and discover their body.  After around 5 to 10 minutes your little one will be kicking and moving around the spa freely. During the session we will turn the jets on that can stimulate the skin to promote blood circulation and encourages kicking. Around the 20 to 25 minutes babies and children become tired, it is at this point we are will ask you to assist in taking your little one out of the spa as we want to leave it at a positive experience. There are also activities that the health professional will do throughout the session with your little one that are recommended by an Occupational Therapist to achieve the most benefits. These activities will aim to stimulate your child’s senses, learn body awareness and regulate their emotional development. 


The spa jets stimulate your little one to move more whilst in the spa. The jet’s little air bubbles stimulate the skin and assist in increasing blood flow. Research has also shown that the jets stimulates the brain to release endorphins to give your little one a feeling of happiness and contentment.

We allow children who fall asleep to sleep as long as practical.  If we need to wake the child up, we will ask you to assist with waking them up in a gently manner to avoid them becoming upset.


There is a small percentage of children who dislike the session on the day. This can be due to many factors including teething, tired, hungry, separation anxiety or just not in the mood. If your child dislikes it and is in the spa for less than 10 minutes, we will arrange for you and your child to come on another time and date to try the session again at no extra cost. If your child refuses on the second trial, we will offer you a refund for the spa or another reschedule depending on the session.


The number of times your child should come is dependent on your circumstances. We have clients who attend once a week and clients who attend once a month. Clients who attend on a regular basis have reported seeing positive changes in the child’s physical, social and mental development.

We also have a 10 week healthy baby program that includes a weekly spa


We encourage parents, family and friends to come along to the center to watch and interact with your little one. We do ask you to be mindful of other families in the center and to make minimal noise. If you have booked a one-on-one private session you can invite more family and friends to the session. If you have booked into a group or social session, we ask that you keep your visitors to a minimum as there are other people to consider.


The spas take up a lot of room in the centre, limiting the room for other things including prams. If you have a special needs child, twins or a close age gap in children then you are welcome to bring a pram to ensure a more safe and convenient visit.

Swim Nappy

Two Swim Nappies are required when attending a spa session which can consist of two disposable nappies or a disposable and reusable. 

There are different types of disposable swim nappies available from Aldi, Woolworths, Coles and other retail outlets. You can also purchase reusable swim nappies from Big W, Kmart, Best & Less and other retail outlets. My Baby Bubble Spa have disposable and reusable swim nappies for sale in the center. 

Please do not place a normal day to day nappy on your child. The day-to-day nappies absorb up to 800 times their own weight in water and turn the water into a gel, weighing down your child down during their spa session. They can also split releasing the gel into the spa which damages the filtration system. 

We request a double swim nappy, as a single swim nappy generally leaks and does not hold the bowel motion in the nappy. We find the use of double nappies minimize the chances of leakage in the spa. The double swim nappy can be in the form of two disposable swim nappies, or a disposable swim nappy and a reusable swim nappy over the top.

If you have put the required double swim nappies on your child appropriately for their session, you are not required to worry about anything as you have taken all precautionary measures to prevent this from happening. 

If you have not place a double swim nappy on your little one, then you will be required to assist and contribute to the expense associated with the changing of the water, cleaning the spa and adding of the minerals. It takes a considerable amount of time to 

Normal baby nappies are designed to absorb liquid. When a nappy absorbs fluid it’s contents (sodium polyacrylate) expands and turns to a gel. The expansion of the nappy will tighten around the baby’s body leading to the baby being uncomfortable. The gel also becomes heavy in the water making it very difficult for the baby to get the full benefit of the spa and it will restrict their movement. It will lead to your little one being unsettled.


Children do really well on a full belly, so we recommend feeding before your session. We have a lovely sitting room that you may use to feed your little one before and after your spa session.

We have not had any babies bring up milk whilst in the neck float, we find the water and minerals calm the baby’s tummy and allow for the baby to digest their milk. However, if they do, we can easily remove the baby onto the bench, remove the float, clean up your baby and put a clean float back on.

Children are generally hungry after their spa session due to the workout they have had in the spa. Babies in the neck floats have had the biggest work out. This is due to turning on core muscles that have never been used before and finding balance which is a new sensation. There is also a gentle water resistance with all movements and the minerals do go down to cellular level with facilitating fluid going in and out of cells. It is a workout just thinking about it. Many mums report back stating their babies had a noticeable increased appetite for two days following a spa session. Children over 12 months using the other floats have also been reportedly hungrier and thirstier following a spa session.

Spa Water and Maintenance

Our minerals are developed by scientists specifically for our spas. The four main minerals in the spas are magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium and 80+ trace minerals. Read more

Australian laws stipulate all spas used for public use are to have certain levels of chlorine in them. We do our best to maintain minimal chlorine in the spas by testing these levels each day.

There are a few indicators for changing the water of a spa. They are 1) a bowel motion leaks from a nappy into the spa, 2) The spa has gone cloudy or something has happened with the water balance, 3) Captain Nemo analyses  our spas on a weekly basis and will state the water needs changing. 

Each spa has its own filtration system that is big enough to filter a back-yard swimming pool. There are 3 different forms of filtration systems to remove particles and bacteria from the spa. The Filtration system is set to filter the amount of water in the spas every hour.


We have a Occupational Therapist who visits on a Wednesday.

Yes, our NDIS clients benefit greatly and we offer many different styles of appointments to reach the all important N.D.I.S goals. Read more