Friendship Spa Sessions

Friendship Sessions are a beautiful way to catch up with friends.

Now you can catch up with your friends in a beautiful friendly and relaxing environment. 

2 to 3 Babies/Children
$45 each

Children Spa Session

4 to 6 Babies/Children
$40 each

sensory play in the spa

$35 each

Friendship Group

7+ Participants

Please Ring the Centre to Book

Friendship sessions are a great way to catch up with family and friends in a lovely, relaxed environment. Friendship sessions start from 6 weeks of age up to what ever age you would like. As long as all parents consent to the children being in the spa all together. 

The number of participants and ages of participants will determine the time that is allocated for your group, the number of spas used and staffing numbers. 

Group Sessions are to be paid in full at the time of booking. 

Massage can be added to any group at $45 per Infant, to book in a massage, please contact our centre. 

For large groups and groups with a large range in ages we may use more than the one spa on the day.

1 hour
Mums and Bubs
Friendship Spa Session

This session is designed for two friends and two little ones to enjoy a nice mineral enriched hydrotherapy spa together.

Parents deserve to be pampered and that is why we have put  together this little one hour session together. Enjoy the luxury of relaxing in the spa with your best friend as your babies enjoy floating around you. The heat and minerals will sooth away all the stresses of life as your body will feel relief from all the aches and pains we endure. 

Because this session is all about you, we have one of our family staff members dedicated to making your session as relaxing as possible.


Family Spa Sessions Underarm float
Baby Massage Contentment

Spa & Massage
for 2 Infants
$90 each

Infants will love their time in the spa together but most of all they will love their massage.

You will need to bring two swim nappies as we have a strict policy of double swim nappy, which must include at least one disposable swim nappy. Swimmers, rash shirts etc are not required but you are welcome to put them on. Please no wetsuit style swimmers as it will restrict the opportunity to move freely and  prevent the absorption the minerals.

We recommend bringing two towels as Swim nappies hold a great deal of water and can soak a towel when your little one is removed from the spa. 

Avoid bringing a pram as there is not much room, use a baby carrier if possible.

Babies do really well on a full belly, feel free to do a top up feed prior to your session. Prior to your session, one of our lovely staff will lay your towels out on a change mat next to the spa to allow you to change your little one.

Each of our classes have only 3 to 4 mums, be prepared to talk to other parents. 

Neck floats are fantastic but we do have other floats available.

It is important that you understand that My Baby Bubble Spa cannot be responsible for issuing any credit because of change of mind, scheduling conflicts, illness, emergencies, or other circumstances beyond your control. If a person in your group is unable to attend, their spot is then forfeited.

48 hours notification is required if your group wishes to fully withdraw or reschedule. A 50% cancellation fee or 10% rescheduling fee will apply.

My Baby Bubble Spa reserves the right to reschedule any group session if we are unable to meet the requirements. This can include an accident in the spa prior to your session and the spa is requiring a full clean.

We will always do our best to prevent having to cancel or reschedule.

My Baby Bubble Spa will not tolerate bad behaviour.

No refund will be offered if you are removed from our center due to bad behaviour.  This includes denigrating, negativity, swearing and dominance. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and respectfully including our staff. Some of our staff are young but their knowledge, nurturing personality, and warmth are above the average person.   

It is a parents freedom of choose to immunise their child or not, we do not discriminate either way. If at any time we are made aware that a sick child has been to our center. We are then able to contact families that may be at high risk.

Fortunately we have not had to do that as yet.