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There is magic in the water

Our Minerals

The Health Benefits are amazing.

We have worked hard with Brisbane scientist before we even opened our doors to bring your best Mineral Enriched Hydrotherapy with optimal health benefits.

Over the years our scientist have designed and developed a unique mineral formula just for our little clients. The formula is made up of 4 main minerals Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and 80+ trace minerals, ensuring our little clients are absorbing all the healthy minerals their bodies need to grow strong and healthy.


– Promotes quality sleep

– Improves mood

– Improves concentration

– Boosts the immune system

– Increases energy levels

– Strengthens bones and teeth

– Stimulates muscles and nerves

– Absorbs other minerals and vitamins

– Assists with maintaining skin integrity

– Has anti-inflammatory properties

– Assists with healing of wounds.

-Improves blood circulation.

-Maintaining blood sugar levels.

-Assist in bowel regulation.

-Supporting healthy digestion.

-Relaxes muscles 


-Is an essential nutrient.

-Conduct nerve impulses.

-Transmits electric impulses within the human body.

-Contract and relax muscles.

– Regulating muscle contractions.

-Maintain the proper balance of water and minerals.

-Important electrolytes needed for the regulation of blood.

-Cellular activity regulation.

-Improves glucose absorption

-Improves performance of the heart

-A predominant ion that functions with bicarbonate and chloride for maintaining a balance of negative and positive ions in the tissues and fluids of the body. 


-Builds and maintains strong bones and teeth.

– Assists in clotting blood.

– Plays a role in sending and receiving nerve signals.

– Assists in the process of contracting and relaxing muscles.

– Required for the function of releasing hormones and other chemicals.

– Helps with heart function and keeping a normal heartbeat.

-supports the healthy functioning of your circulatory, muscular, and nervous systems.



-Regulating acid and water in the blood and body tissues.

-Building muscle.

-Supporting normal body growth.

-Acts in metabolism.

-Support proper function of the nerve cells in the brain and body.

-Normal functioning of all cells.

-Regulates the heartbeat and blood pressure,

-Ensures proper function of the muscles and nerves.

-Vital for synthesizing protein and metabolizing carbohydrates.

-Is an essential mineral.

-Delivery of nerve signals.

-Contraction of muscles.

-Movement of nutrients into cells, and removal of cellular waste.

Plus all the health benefits of the 80+ trace minerals in the spa

Health Benefits of Infant Hydrotherapy

Infant hydrotherapy is a natural therapy that boosts a baby’s physical and psychological development. It strengthens the bones and muscles of a child and promotes a strong bond between parent and child. In addition to its emotional benefits, hydrotherapy helps a child’s digestive and circulatory systems. The water therapy helps new-borns develop their sensory systems, and studies have shown it decreases their time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Infant hydrotherapy is also especially beneficial for premature infants. The warm water helps to strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. It also stimulates the immune system. It is especially effective in helping a child overcome colds and flu therefore it can be extremely beneficial in winter or during the sneezy spring season. Infant hydrotherapy works wonders for babies who experience colic, reflux, or low muscle tone. The water allows babies to play unrestricted and is also beneficial for cognitive brain development by connecting the left and right brain. In addition, hydrotherapy improves digestion and respiratory functions.

2 week old at Baby Spa, growth and development


by Mozhdeh Bahadorfar

Warm (Hot) Water Hydrotherapy:

In response to the temperature, the body initiates changes including dilating blood vessels to increase the blood flow through them, diverting blood flow to the extremities and to the skin’s surface, opening the pores of the skin, activating sweat glands and relaxing muscles. Organs of the endocrine system become less active, particularly the adrenal gland, and can decrease blood pressure. This results in a relaxed, less stressful state and helps calm the nervous system.


-Stimulates nerve reflexes that result in the calming of the lungs, heart, stomach and endocrine system.

-It is often used to relax, promote blood flow, aid in the healing process, tone the body, stimulate the immune system, and alleviate the pain or discomfort associated with deep muscle, joint or connective tissue ailments, injuries or abnormalities.

-Increased blood flow has important effects, including: 1) more efficient oxygenation of tissues, thereby helping injuries heal faster, and 2) more efficient removal of toxins from tissue, which helps prevent or ease injuries and increases tissue resiliency.

Relaxing Spa Session Dad and Bubs


The physical nature and pressure of the water plays an important role in the effect on the body.


In water, you weigh 10% of your actual body weight, so your body is relieved of the normal pressures exerted by gravity. This “weightlessness” alleviates pressure on joints and muscles (muscles don’t have to work as hard to keep body in position) helping to ease pain.

Water pressure & Movement
Because water is denser than air, water pushes on your body more than air, helping to support body joints and muscles and making it more difficult for fluids to accumulate under the skin or in extremities. The pressure water exerts on your skin and muscles as you move your body through water can also help move blood through the veins and back towards the heart. Water produces a soothing, massage-like sensation on the skin that results in specific responses from the brain that help calm and soothe the body.

Izzy in our underarm float. We love NDIS
Friendship Group

Health Benefits

Fight infection and injury – increase blood flow, increases the circulation of the immune system enabling the system to work more efficiently.

Increases endorphins reduces pain and increases feelings of happiness.  Endorphins stimulate the immune system, to heal faster.

Help clear respiratory infections.

Reduce pain and inflammation.

The calming effects hot water has on the nervous and endocrine systems help put our bodies in a “lower gear”, thereby relaxing us mentally.

Prevent headaches.

Help control blood sugar.

Reduce symptoms in patients with nerve, muscle or connective tissue diseases.

Relax muscles, heal muscle injuries, and relieve muscle disease symptoms.

Treat circulatory problems, especially in the limbs

Happy Baby in baby spa, 3 main floatation devices

Water Jets
A light massage from water jets activates nerves in the skin and muscles that increase blood circulation to the massage area resulting in better tissue oxygenation, toxin evacuation, and muscle relaxation.

Air Bubbles
The gentle, tingling sensation people experience on the skin from the presence of many tiny air bubbles in water causes certain neural reflexes to activate, resulting in beneficial chemical reactions that promote muscle relaxation and a mental state of contentment.

Hydrotherapy is an extremely powerful tool that is a really beneficial.

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Filtration System

& Chlorine

Using innovative technology our system helps clarify our spa water by generating a powerful hydroxyl free radical that oxidises dissolved solids in the water making them insoluble so the filter can catch them, it then quickly converts back to oxygen leaving no chemical residual or off gassing odours. The system uses Ozone generation and UV-C sterilisation to kill 99.95% of all bacteria and virus material that pass through the unit. The system also breaks down and removes chloramines which are the by-product of chlorine which causes the skin, eye and respiratory irritation typically associated with chlorine.

The system is 100% safe in providing crystal clear water free from ozone off-gas, chemical smells and irritations.

The UV system disinfection is much more effective than chlorine in killing Giardia, Noro Virus, Crypto. With such a powerful system in place we are able to significantly reduce the amount of chlorine required for public pools.


Taking in to consideration our delicate clients who benefit from our spas, we take cleaning very seriously.


Our spa’s are emptied, cleaned, and re-filled if an accident occurs and it leaks into our spa, chemicals are inappropriate, and once a month in accordance with our procedures.  cleaned and refilled.

The filter is cleaned weekly and when the spa is emptied. 

sensory play in the spa