Children sometimes walk in the water before they walk on land; 

they don’t have to support their full body weight and the fear of falling diminishes.

Jack with his mum NDIS

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy has many names including aquatic therapy, and water therapy, all of them have the same meaning of therapy that is performed in the water.


At My Baby Bubble Spa we have gone that one step further to work with scientist who have developed a special formula containing 4 main minerals of Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and 80+ trace minerals that will aid in pain, recovery, muscle relaxation, healthy cell development and growth, just to name a few.  


The temperature of our hydrotherapy spas is maintained at 35 to 36 degrees, which is the perfect temperature to assist with joint and muscle movement and relaxation.


Our Spas are private and no one will be in the spa unless you request a family member or friend to join them. This help to minimise the anxiety for children with special needs. 

We also welcome other therapist to our centre and happy to work with them to develop an appropriate plan for your child.


There are many benefits associated with Hydrotherapy especially for children with special needs.
  • pain – many children with cerebral palsy and dystonia (and many other conditions) experience pain form an early age. Hydrotherapy can assist in reducing pain, improving mood, coping skills, sleep and often assist in managing the root cause of the pain (eg. postural pain).
  • The heat and minerals in the spa can relax muscles and joints reducing spasms associated with many disorders.
  • Decrease the recovery time after surgery, including assistance with pain management, movement, function, and strength.
  • Strengthening bones and muscles.
  • Supporting and improving cardiovascular development.
  • Stimulating and assisting in digestion.
  • Stimulating reflexes.
  • Supporting and improving healthy respiratory function.
  • Boosting cognitive, fine and gross motor. skills development.
  • Supporting and improving skin integrity.
  • Promoting relaxation and sleep.
  • Reducing anxiety.
  • Increasing lymphatic and blood circulation.
  • Relaxing muscles.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Improving pulmonary function.
  • improve range of movement.
  • improve core stability
  • facilitate functional movement.
  • allow muscle lengthening (stretching) with less pain be a safe low-impact exercise for children with hypermobility or similar issues promote relaxation assist sensory integration improve water safety skills, confidence and water enjoyment enabling a positive association with water activity
Noah and Mum, NDIS

Sessions Available

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  • Initial Appointment (1.5Hr), required if you intend for a program to be developed to reach your childs NDIA / NDIS Goals
  • Individual Goal Focused Spa,
  • Individual Spa
  • Individual Spa & Massage,
  • Family Spa or Spa & Massage,
  • Friendship Spa Session,
  • 1 week and 2 week Intensive Programs  (30 min sessions per day for 6 consecutive days).