Nearly at the end

By Nurtured Mums

Sick of waiting


Just want this baby out.


Your feet and ankles are so swollen that your toes feel like they’re squishing in mud.


You can’t take a deep breath because your lungs are so squashed,


You don’t dare laugh, cough or sneeze because you know you’re going to pee yourself.


You’re impatient for labour to start so you can get this waiting thing over and done with.
You’ve never been much good at waiting.


Everything annoys, irritates and frustrates you.




Let it go!


Your baby will come when your baby is ready.


In the meantime have you got your supports in place for once the baby is out.


😮Who’s looking after the other kids when you go into hospital?

😮Are meals in the freezer or people organised for meal delivery service?

😮Is someone going to come and clean house for you once a week?

😮Has school pick up and drop off been organised?

😮Got enough dog food to cover a few weeks?

😮Is the pantry full (because kids won’t let themselves starve…they’ll step over your dead body to get food out the pantry if they’re hungry)

😮Siblings prepared for the new addition?

😮Enough toilet paper to last 4-6 weeks 🤣🤣


⭐️This is the most important….Do you know who to ring when the 💩 hits the fan?⭐️


😩Baby won’t settle

😩Nipples are sore

😩Stomach is on fire

😩Haven’t slept or showered in 3 days

😩Feel like you’re losing your mind.


⭐️Who’s your support person when it all goes pear shaped??😉


Here’s the difference when you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing covering your back ….


“She told me these changes would happen with my body and this is normal…not stressin’…I’ve got this!”


“She keeps telling me to eat good food and drink lots of water….I feel better when I do it and nope I’m….not stressin'”


“She told me to get this stuff organised so I did and I’m feeling pretty cool about it all now…chilled, confident, on top of things…not stressin’… you know I really think I HAVE got this!”


“She told me lots of tips to help with this boob feeding and it feels pretty good and nope….not stressin'”


Can you see a common theme here?


Yep…..Right support = NOT STRESSIN’


Make sure yours is organised. ❤️❤️❤️


Hi, I’m Colleen Wilson a Registered Midwife on the Gold Coast.


My passion is the forgotten fourth trimester of pregnancy.  Helping parents transition into parenthood without the stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Parents feeling in control and supported throughout their pregnancy and postnatal experience so they can enjoy life with their newborn regardless of whether it’s their first or sixth baby.


I offer Fourth Trimester Workshops (done during pregnancy) covering everything you need to know for after the baby is born. All the things you won’t hear about in antenatal classes.


These can be done privately via Zoom or Online.


And my signature Mentorship Programs designed with you in mind. I will walk beside you throughout your pregnancy and those tumultuous first 6 weeks after your baby is born so you can avoid the stress and overwhelm that often occurs during this period. And instead focus on the joy and excitement of becoming parents and nurturing your newborn.


Looking forwarding to hearing from you soon.

Colleen xx