Providing a Bubble of Wellness around families.

Our Centre

A child once mentioned to us that while many bubbles have different meanings, the ‘bubble of protection’ highly aided him the most in feeling safe and secure. It is this feeling that My Baby Bubble Spa wants to nurture in parents, babies, and children, helping them through their young families journey while supporting their developmental start in life. We want to create an environment that supports the health and wellbeing of babies children and their families as well as that of the wider community.

Our goal is to provide holistic and individualised care to babies, children and families in a respectful and compassionate manner, and none of this would be possible without the following members of My Baby Bubble’s team:

Friendship session and Health Benefits 1 month and 2 Month old, First aid program

The Family

Working as a team, our highly trained professionals from Registered professionals to baby and children wellness providers, are dedicated to helping babies and children reach their full potential in a fun and exciting manner. 


Alisa is passionate about holistic and individualised care and has a keen interest in maternal and children’s health. 

Julia Nurse Giving a baby water


Julie is dedicated to providing quality and timely therapy to children and families.

Nicole Physiotherapist Assistant

OT Assistant

Nicole is passionate in providing holistic therapy and care that focuses on a child’s strength and ability. 


Brooke Occupational Therapist OT

Brooke  – Occupational Therapist 

Brooke is dedicated to providing quality fun therapy for children of all ages.

Courtney Nurse

Courtney  – Nurse 

Courtney is passionate in working with babies and children and providing a warm and welcoming environment for all who visit.


Bee Assistant

Amberlee – Wellness Provider 

As our youngest member Amberlee is well loved by many of our clients. Amberlee is passionate in provide equal fun for all who enter the centre.

Heated Mineral Hydrotherapy Spas

There is always magic in the water that a child can never resist but we know the magic in our water comes from our scientist who have developed a unique blend of minerals designed specifically for them.  

Brendan and Izzy Physiotherapy @mybabybubblespa

Magic in the Water

With the combination of the warmth that mimics a mums body temperature and the softness of the minerals against the skin, there is natural magic in the water. As they move against the natural water resistance the minerals are absorbed to provide a mineral boost needed for their growing bodies.

Valecia Jenkins

Glass Panel Spas

All our beautiful spas have been specially designed and include a glass panel that allows you to watch as your child moves through the water. With the multitude of filtration systems per spa, the clarity of the water is next to none.

Baby Massage Contentment

Baby Sensory

Sensory is a magical world of learning, wonder, exploration and extraordinary delights. There are many textured toys to tickle their feet and hands, a bubble or two floating through the air and popping on their skin to the amazing air jets stimulating the sensors. Baby Sensory is all around.