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My Baby Bubble Spa is focused on babies from birth, children and young adults up to 18 years of age. Our Physiotherapy sessions are provided in our Private Therapy Room which contains it’s own Mineral Heated Hydrotherapy Spa, specifically designed for babies, children and teenagers. Our Physiotherapist Brendan McLeod has a passion for working with babies, children and young adults with amazing energy and excitement to match his young friends. Brendan is able to develop individualised programs specific for each baby, child and young adult that can incorporate the heated mineral hydrotherapy spas within the centre. Our Unique centre is able to offer therapy that is enjoyable, and fun. A therapy session your little one will look forward to going to. 


Please contact us at for more information and to make a booking.

We are able to offer 
  • Assessments
  • Reports
  • Education
  • Treatment Plans
  • Hands on treatments
Noah and Mum, NDIS

Water immersion therapy

Water Immersion therapy sessions are provided in our Therapy Room. These sessions are delivered by health professionals who are highly trained in Paediatrics. Our sessions include a Play-based and Music-based program that aims to foster and develop your little one’s fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, communication and social skills. The mineral heated hydrotherapy spas are also a great environment for your little one to relax into a fun and interactive therapy. The Magnesium we use has been created by MG2+ who are doctors and scientists. It has been proven to relax muscles, increase sleep and improve digestion. Please contact us for more information or you can make a booking through the following link:

A Fun and Enjoyable Therapy

I love my mummy, bonding with Mummy

Meet our Physiotherapist

Meet our Physiotherapist

Brendan McLeod

Brendan comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love from working with children.


Please contact for enquiries and bookings.

Brendan McLeod Pediatric Physiotherapist @mybabybubblespa

Paediatric Massage

Paediatric Massage is offered on its own or following Water Immersion therapy sessions. Massage is performed by health professional team members who are trained in Paediatric Massage and Paediatric Massage for babies and children with special needs. This therapy has many proven benefits, some of them including an increase in relaxation, muscle toning, circulation, digestion and reducing anxiety. Please contact us if you would like a Massage only session. Otherwise, we can offer Massage following a Water Immersion therapy session- booking link provided below:

Paediatric Massage beautiful moment of 3 generations.