Doughnut Chest Float 2m - 2y (6 - 18 Kgs)

We are excited with the new 2020 Donut Chest Float.

Just when we thought Mambobaby Chest Floats couldn’t get any better, they surprise us with many new improvements including improved material, and a improved five point harness and latch.

Suitable for little ones aged 3 month to 2 year (6 to 18 Kg).

Comes in Green or Pink Donut Patterned.



2 300x300 1The Mambo Baby Float is back and better than ever. This new and improved float has new features including improved safety harnesses and improved anti-flip properties.


The Donut Chest Float has widened sides for increased buoyancy and to reduce tipping.


Heightened cushion in the front has two purposes, a pillow to allow little ones to rest their head on and to assist in reduction of tipping.


The 2020 design has improved material quality and a new fun print to encourage children.3 300x300 1


The Donut Chest Float is light weight and very portable.

Help your baby gain confidence in the water safely whether it be in the bath, pool or beach.

The airless design means you don’t need to worry about punctures or inflating.

5-point securing harness and anti-flip design.

d3 1 300x300 1 300x300 1Great way for your little one to continue practicing their kicking and paddling.

BPA Free


Button lock catch and larger harness vest to prevent baby from slipping

Velcro band around the body to give comfort and stability for the little one.

Easy to adjust 5 point harness system to keep baby secure with in the float.

Specially designed and padded body sling for baby to lay in with maximum comfort and to prevent little one from sliding down.

Donut Chest Float is Suitable for babies 3 months to 2 years old (6-18kg).


PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – The Mambo baby Chest Float has a thick woven 3D material similar to a wetsuit. With more safety features to create the perfect new generation swim trainer for every babies.

Made from Mambobaby high quality, environmentally friendly, unique Pearl Foam™ material.

Meets European safety standards.

Will Not protect against drowning, Use only under constant supervision of adults;

Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under supervision;


**Although the Mambobaby Chest Float is safe if used appropriately, please never leave your baby unattended in the water**