GC Chill Chest Float 3m - 2y (6-18 kgs) (Wetsuit Style Material)

The Mambobaby GC Chill Chest Float is a great confidence booster for your little one while they float, paddle and swim. GC Chill Chest Float introduces babies and toddlers to the water in a safe and fun way. The younger babies are able to be placed on their backs to enjoy the sensation of the water and their environment. Your older babies can be placed onto their tummies so they are able to interact more with the freedom to reach out and play. The float allows babies to develop a natural kick and paddle style that can assist with learning to swim.


The GC Chill Chest Float is made from a tough woven UV resistant material similar to the material a wetsuit is made from.

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The GC Chill Chest Float is designed for little ones aged 3 Months to 2 years old (6-18 KG) and comes in 2 colours the Green Fish or Pink Flamingo.