Flower Hat Jellyfish Seat Float 6m – 2y (6 -18Kgs)

The Mambobaby Flower Hat Jellyfish Seat Float is great for the little one that likes to splash, play and observe the world in a sitting position. The Flower Hat Jellyfish has an adjustable seat height to grow with your little one.

Come and Check them out in the centre.

The Paddle Jumper is designed for little ones aged 6 months to 3 years (6 -18 Kgs) and comes in 3 colours Blue Seal, Green Fish or Pink Flamingo.



10Flower Hat Jellyfish float is designed for little one’s aged 6 months to two years, who enjoy playing and splashing from a sitting position. With the new two side wing widening, a large back rest and increased front area design, to offer more stability, and reducing the dynamics of a potential rollover.


Ultimate in Comfort

The ultimate comfort water seat float has an adjustable 3D seat pocket made from breathable mesh giving added comfort for the growing toddler in your life. The large padded backrest and a comfortable pillow at the front is designed to pamper your little ones when they become to tired from all the splashing and playing.

The outer material is a soft lightweight, elastic, breathable woven material that is warm in the water and will not be hot to touch when in the sun.  The material has similar properties to material used for wetsuits and is BPA Free.

Suitable for infants from 6 months up to 2 years of age. (6 -18Kgs)

Non-Inflatable Toddler Float

Don’t put your toddler at risk with low-quality air seat rings that could leak air easily. Our mambo child seat float uses high-quality tiny Pearl Foam™ that is moisture-proof yet extremely breathablelightweight, BPA free with superior Flower Hat Jellyfish seat floatbuoyancy.

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Meets European and Australian safety standards.

No float will ever protect a child against drowning and it is important to always use floatation devices under constant adult supervision.