Spa Sessions

There is Magic in the Water

With so much magic in our water, you will want to come back

 again and again and again.

We work with some of the top Scientist in Australia who make sure the magic is real. The scientist have developed a special formula of Minerals, just for our little clients. The special Formula contains Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium Potassium and 80+ trace minerals, designed to for optimal health benefits.  

Private Session

Enjoy having the spa all to yourself in these popular private sessions.

A private session is a lovely session if you just want that quality one on one time with your little one. You will have 100% attention from one of our staff members who will just love to spoil your little one.

Birth to First Immunisation

Mineral Hydrotherapy is a very calming experience for a newborn baby. It has been said to mimic their time in utero, making it the perfect place to be from an early age. It is also known to assist with many of the common health issues including digestion.

2 week old at Baby Spa, growth and development

Up to 30 minutes

Mineral Enriched Heated Baby Spa


Add on a Massage

For a truly full experience book your new born in for Mineral Enriched Heated Newborn Pod followed by a relaxing Baby Massage


6 weeks old to 10 Years Old

Baby Spa’s are perfect for all ages and the health benefits associated with a spa session are endless.  Best of all little ones love it in the weightless heated mineral as they are able to move freely with no restrictions.

Happy Baby Spa

30 Minute 

Mineral Enriched Hydrotherapy Spa


Add on a massage

With all the benefits to infant Massage,  you and your infant are sure to benefit.

Mineral Enriched Heated Hydrotherapy Spa

followed by a Baby Massage


10 Years old to 18 Years Old

Children of all ages will benefit from a relaxing mineral enriched hydrotherapy spa session. From the sporting children to a child recovering from injury, heated mineral Spa’s are the perfect fit to help decrease pain and speed up recovery.

Relaxing Spa Session Bee and Dylan

30 Minute

Mineral Enriched Hydrotherapy Spa


One hour Spa

For that child who needs that little extra soak, why not book them in for a one hour Mineral Enriched Heated Hydrotherapy Spa to help sooth their growing bodies. 


Baby Massage

Most babies like to be massaged and respond positively to the calm, gentle and rhythmic stroking involved with massaging. 

There are many benefits of infant massage as it stimulates all body systems—including digestive, immune, hormonal, and circulatory—as well as muscles and joints. Infants can experience improved body awareness, leading to better coordination and balance, improved sleep patterns, along with a reduction in stress hormones and an increase in “feel-good” hormones.

Spa Sessions

Spa sessions are a great way to meet other parents and making new friends.

Spa Sessions are a fun and social session for you and your little one to enjoy whilst meeting other parents with similar age babies.

These sessions are designed for up to 3 babies of similar age to enjoy up to 30 minutes of fun splashing around, whilst making new friends.  

Spa Sessions are only $50 per Infant

6 Weeks to
6 Months

Baby Spa and Massage Private Spa Sessions

7 Months to
12 Months

sensory play in the spa

1 to 2
Years Old

Sierra, Baby Spa Queensland