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My Baby Bubble Spa is a beautiful centre providing a range of health services to children from birth to 18 years of age. Our private therapy rooms are well designed and equipped with a range of toys and therapy equipment to assist the wide range of attending therapist. Our large Galaxy room is a private therapist room with it’s own private heated mineral enriched hydrotherapy spa that will have children wanting to stay longer. 


Working with our independent therapist, we have created a safe, fun and welcoming environment for children to play and engage in a positive manner with their individual therapist.  


For independent therapist wishing to join the team please click on Independent Therapist Button.



Noah and Mum, NDIS

Water immersion therapy

Heated Mineral Enriched Hydrotherapy sessions are provided in our centre. These sessions are delivered by health professionals who are highly trained in Paediatrics. Our sessions include a Play-based and Music-based program that aims to foster and develop your little one’s fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, communication and social skills. The mineral heated hydrotherapy spas are also a great environment for your little one to relax into a fun and interactive therapy. The Minerals we use are specifically designed and created by the doctors and scientist at MG2+. With 4 minerals and 80 trace minerals it has been proven to relax muscles, increase sleep and improve digestion. 

Please contact us for more information or you can make a booking through the following link: 

A Fun and Enjoyable Therapy

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Occupational Therapist

Brooke is a certified Holistic Occupational Therapist, using a holistic outlook on therapy, with a vision to help individuals find their true passion by creating sustainable change from within and finding that self-love we all have inside of us. She is passionate in supporting others to improve their physical health, mental health, nutrition, mindset, relationships, purpose and so much more. 


Brooke has a special focus on woman and children. Preventative health is an important factor for Brooke to uphold in her approach. Educating her clients on the importance of self-care, development, movement, mindfulness, sleep and nourishment is important to live the best quality of life.


Paediatric OT’s use play based activities to motivate and engage children to develop a variety of skills and overcome any areas of challenge that is hindering their performance. Although therapy can look and feel like play to the child, the therapist is enhancing the child’s brain, body and skill development, which supports learning, builds self-confidence and sets the foundations for success.


Holistic Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

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Brooke Occupational Therapist

Paediatric Massage

Paediatric Massage is offered on its own or following Water Immersion therapy sessions. Massage is performed by health professional team members who are trained in Paediatric Massage and Paediatric Massage for babies and children with special needs. This therapy has many proven benefits, some of them including an increase in relaxation, muscle toning, circulation, digestion and reducing anxiety. Please contact us if you would like a Massage only session. Otherwise, we can offer Massage following a Water Immersion therapy session- booking link provided below:

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